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Guidance Through Uncertainty​

Systemic conflict between the world's two largest economies has created waves of uncertainty in the global system architecture. These waves, becoming larger and appearing more frequently, threaten to impact even the mightiest captains of industry and ships of state.

Pacific Strategic Intelligence's strategic advisory services act as the trusted compass needed to bring stability back into our clients' operations. We do this through our on-the-ground, subject matter experts, well-positioned to bring nonpartisan and non ideological insight to our valued global clientele.

Client Testimonial

"Robert was one of the most professional, detail-oriented and knowledgeable advisors I have worked with. His intellectual understanding and take on US-China relations really helped my client and I understand the full scope of the trade issues occurring at the moment. He works in a way that is always trusted and provides detailed explanations on his findings. He was punctual, well-mannered and extremely accountable giving us ultimately the most valuable resource to help us with our research. I really enjoyed working and conversing with Robert and I hope in the near future I am able to receive that honor to work with him again!"

Drew Ballester, Capvision

"I have appreciated Robert's insights and perceptions on the dynamics of foreign policy and sovereign national interactions. Robert is deliberate in his research and equitable in his analysis, neither favoring nor dismissing the factors necessary to bring forth a solid conclusion. A conclusion that serves as a building block contributing to better understanding and consensus building amongst nations. Robert is a valuable resource in developing a deep understanding of globalization and international dynamics."

Jamieson Allen, Chief, Foreign Affairs & Disclosure at U.S. Air Force

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