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Clear Solutions For Your Business


Pacific Strategic Intelligence L.L.C. provides strategic advisory services focusing on the US-China relationship, the world's most important and nuanced.​ We focus on various policy issue areas such as economics, trade, energy, and foreign policy and provide real-time research and consulting services for clients looking to formulate their strategies and control their overall risk exposure. These clients are looking for comprehensive, non-ideological expertise in order to better assess their overall political risk exposure. 




Forged during a time of unprecedented upheaval in the U.S.-China relationship, Pacific Strategic Intelligence L.L.C. looks past the current, ideologically-based rhetoric from both sides of the Pacific Ocean. By doing so, we provide our clients with unbiased insight, leading to a clearer perspective on the current geopolitical situation.




Great power competition has led to increased volatility within the U.S.-China relationship. Organizations looking to navigate this storm of uncertainty are in need of sober and unbiased analysis and judgment in order to help safeguard their operational continuity.




Whether you are in the private or public sector, or the academic and think tank circuit, your time is critical. That is why your project will be given the utmost personal attention by our trusted team of U.S.-China policy subject matter experts.

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